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Markings :
A star is formed of three of more lines cutting across each other at a point. It represents tensions and mishappenings but a line that starts after a star signifies great accomplishments. A star is certainly a sign to be observed with great caution. The effects of various stars on different mounts are discussed below:
  • A star at the end of the life line denotes some shock and a warning. It also indicates some personal injury where life is affected.
  • A star on the head line indicates poor decision making ability or an injury to the head.
  • A star on the Head line indicates some kind of emotional setback or trouble.
  • A star on the mount of Jupiter enhances the honour, power and position of a person.
  • A star on the mount of Sun gives wealth and a good position in the society but without happiness.
  • A star on the mount of mercury represents the power of eloquence.
  • A star on the mount of mars represents that through patience and luck the great honors would be achieved.
  • A star on mount of Venus represents success in love affairs.
  • A star on mount of Moon is a sign of celebrity status.
The Island is always a negative sign. This signifies the hereditary evils such as heart trouble or intemperance with spirits. It is generally formed on the lines. It indicates a period of stress, weakness and breakdown. It represents mounting stress if posited on the line of head. The various positions of Island give varied results such as:
  • If an Island is situated on the Line of Fate, it indicates mounting debts and misfortune.
  • If it is posited on the Line of Heart, it indicates heart disease.
  • If on the Line of Head, it represents headache.
  • An Island on the mount of Jupiter weakens the pride and ambition.
  • An Island on the mount of Sun weakens the talent for art.
  • If an Island is situated on the mount of mercury it denotes that a person will hardly succeed in business or higher studies.
  • An Island on the mount of mars makes a person weak by health and spirit and cowardice.
  • An Island if posited on the mount of Saturn brings misfortune.
  • An Island on mount of Venus leads a person to unwanted affairs and passion.
  • An Island on mount of Moon weakens the power of the imagination.
The Spot is a sign of temporary illness or disease. Different colors of spot have different meanings:
  • If found on a line suppose head line it indicates head injury or brain fever.
  • And spot of red colour on the line of health represents illness and fever.
  • A dot on heart line informs about curable heart disease.
  • A dot is not considered good if posited on fingers.
  • A dot or spot on head line indicates headache or migraine.
  • If a dot lies on life line it indicates temporary illness of weakness due to disease.
  • A Black or Blue spot represents a nervous illness.
  • A spot on the Mount of Mars denotes dangerous opposition of enemies.
  • A spot on the Mount of Venus indicates great trial or fatal affection and involvement of police in female dealings, and if it lies close to Life Line it shows troubles and quarrels.
  • A dot on the third phalange of Jupiter finger indicates murder of self.
The cross always represents trouble, disappointment and danger. It also denotes change in life.
  • It should always be considered an ill omen except when found on the Mount of the Jupiter and when located between the Head and Heart lines, known as the Mystique Cross.
  • A cross on the mount of Sun denotes defamation, bones related problem and bad relations with father.
  • A cross on the Positive Mars denotes the opposition from enemies.
  • A cross on the Negative Mars denotes accidents, violence and even death from quarrels.
  • A cross on the mount of Saturn when touching the line of fate denotes danger of violent death by accident and also it enhances the evil and fatalistic tendencies of the life.
  • A cross on mount of Venus enhances the tendencies of troubles and quarrels with near relatives if lying close to the Life Line.
  • A cross on the Mount of Jupiter indicates early marriage and good married life. It enhances the positive traits of Jupiter.
  • MYSTIQUE CROSS between Head & Heart Line shows a great interest in occult matters.
The triangle is a very distinctive sign.. It denotes success corresponding to the location of the mark. The triangle is a very positive sign and gives strong results when it stands as an independent sign.
  • A Triangle on the Mount of Sun denotes success and fame in the field of Arts.
  • A Triangle on the Mount of Moon represents a scientific implementation of imagination.
  • A Triangle on the Mount of Mars denotes science in warfare, presence of mind in crisis and dangers.
  • A Triangle on the Mount of Mercury denotes success in business, finance and money.
  • A Triangle on the mount of Jupiter signifies good managerial power and a recognized status in the society. It denotes success in the management of people and organizational affairs.
  • A Triangle on Mount of Venus represents success in love and popularity among opposite sex people, etc.
  • A Triangle on the Mount of Saturn gives inclination for mystical & occult sciences and name and fame through them.
The grille is generally found on the Mounts of the hand. It gives energies various routes to escape out. It represents obstacles relating to that particular mount. This represents a destructive force. If a grille appears on a mount, it thwarts the qualities of the mount.
  • A Grille on the Mount of Jupiter denotes enhancement of egotistical qualities.
  • A Grille on the Mount of Sun denotes failure to attain the status of a celebrity.
  • A Grille on the Mount of Mercury represents a person who is unstable and has no principles towards life.
  • A Grille on the mount of Saturn represents misfortune, troublesome nature and indifferent tendency.
  • A Grille on mount of Venus represents impulsive in passion.
  • A Grille on mount of Moon denotes uneasiness, disappointments, and annoying.
The circle is an evil mark on the palm. If it touches any line, it brings inevitable misfortune to the line it touches. It is generally found on Mounts.
It is considered fortunate only in case if it is found on the Mount of Sun but only when a line follows the circle. Anywhere else on the palm, it is an unfortunate marking. The person would be encircled in a circle without being able to breakthrough and get free out of life’s hassles.
  • A circle on the mount of Jupiter makes a good teacher.
  • A Circle on Mount of Moon represents danger from drowning or death by suffocating in water.
  • A circle on the Mount of Venus gives impotency.
  • A circle has never been known to have appeared on the Mount of Mercury.
The square is one of the most interesting and benefic sign. A square is a protector. It is always found near the negativity. It is a trump card and it gives winning position.
This sign denotes that a crisis will turn away even if the difficulties arise in life. A Square after perturbations in a line signifies repair. A square is deemed to be placed at its best when it appears after a triangle.
  • A square on the mount of Jupiter signifies ambition of the person. It also indicates that the bearer of this marking on this Mount can impart knowledge very well to others hence he can be an excellent teacher. This square is a defense against diseases such as throat related disease or any danger from poison etc. Such people get benefited through their In-laws.
  • A square on the mount of Sun provides denotes for fame and building up of the status. It saves a person from image loss and improves eye-sight.
  • A square on the Mount of Mercury improves image and defends from a conspiracy. It enhances the power of writings and speech.
  • A square on the Mount of Mars defends a person from danger through enemies. It gives a person of cooperative and harmonious attitude.
  • A square on the mount of Saturn denotes a defense from fatality. This square is a defense to them from urinary disease, hernia, teeth and kidney related problems.
  • A square on mount of Venus denotes that the person will fall in danger but always manage to escape. A square if touches Life Line and posited on the Mount of Venus gives arrest, hospitalization and foreign travels. This square improves the quality of semen and stops sudden ejaculations, defends from lever related problems and improves the relations within the family.
  • A square on mount of Moon improves the power of imagination. It defends from drowning and death, hysteria, etc.
A fish is generally found on the Life Line and Fate Line. It is always considered a positive sign. It reduces the negativity of the hand.
  • If fish appears on a line facing upward it denotes the success achieved by the person more than desired i.e. this marking gives more than expected
  • But when facing downwards it gives less than expected.
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