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The line of life, is the most important line on hand. This line is read downwards towards the wrist. This line embraces the Mount of Venus. This line reveals major life events as well as the health of the subject. This line represents the person's vitality and vigour, physical health and general well being. 

Some important TIPS
  • A perfect line guarantees healthy and extremely long life. 
  • An imperfect line represents bad health. A thick, shallow and straight Line of Life is not auspicious.
  • When the line starts from the mount of Jupiter it denotes an ambitious life.
    • Break in the line shows many changes in the direction of life.
    • A life line running close to the thumb indicates a person of low vitality.
  • A line conjoined with head line is a sign of caution & carefulness.
  • All lines rising upward from the line of life to the mount of Jupiter show indicate fulfillment of all ambitions of the person concerned.
  • If a Life Line ends in a fork, this indicates long distance travels.
  • A line rising from the life line to the mount of Saturn indicates a golden period of life.
  • Any branch of life line to the mount of Sun indicates glory and success due to own efforts and the success is not attributed to outside circumstances or to chances.
  • A chained Life Line indicates a delicate health.
  • A branch towards the Mt of Mercury indicates business success.
  • When the lines of life, head, and heart are all conjoined together at the commencement, it is a most unfortunate sign, denoting that the person may put himself in danger due to his bad temperament.
The line of heart is one of the most important lines in the hand. The Heart Line is the horizontal line above the Head Line. It is found under the fingers and towards the top of the palm. 

This line represents the matters of the heart. It is believed to be line of emotions. It represents the attraction of the sexes for natural causes. This line is read from the end nearest the little finger. The line of heart should be deep, clear, and well colored. 

Some important TIPS:
  • A heart line that lies between Jupiter and Saturn fingers, is the most favourable sign on the hand. This represents calm temperament in matters of the heart. 
  • A heart line that rises from the center of Jupiter indicates that the person is reliable in his affections. Such person would have less love affairs than the man with the line from Saturn.
    • If the heart line ends up under the index finger it indicates someone who is choosy about his partner.

  • A heart line that rises from the Mount of Saturn represents more passion. Such a person is less expressive. When such line rises very high on the Mount of Saturn, then such a person is far more passionate and sensual than others.
  • When the line of heart forks, with one branch resting on Jupiter, the other between the first and second fingers, it is a sign of a happy, calm nature, good fortune, and happiness in affection.
    • When the fork is wide and one branch rests on Jupiter, the other on Saturn, it then denotes that such a person does not intend to make the marital relations happy because of his temperament.
    • Loops, chains, cuts and breaks in this line indicates relationships and/or such events occurring in a person’s love life.
    • The curved Heart Line is aggressive and demonstrative in love, while the straight line is receptive. Curved line is more common on male hands while the straight line is more common on female hands.
    • If Heart Line is chained, one could be a little bit of a flirt.
    • This line is absent in robbers and cruel people.
he line of head starts from the Mt of Jupiter or from above it. In most of the palms, the Head Line and Life Line originate from the same place. It divides the palm into two parts. 

This line deals with ones intellect, creativity and the way one handles one’s life which includes learning style, communication style, intellectual level and thirst for knowledge .It indicates the analytical approaches to information. It also indicates the way you retain your wealth. Some important TIPS:
  • A head line that rises from the Jupiter indicates great brain power, ambition, and power.
  • A head line starting from the line of life indicates people who are very cautious and sensitive. 
  • A head line that rises from the mount of Mars is an unfavourable sign - it indicates a conflicting and quarrelling attitude. 
  • A straight and clear head line, denotes practical common sense and a love for material things.
     When straight in the first half, then slightly sloping, it shows a balance between imaginative and practical.
  • A sloping head line represents romance & imaginative work. When sloping, and terminating with a fine fork on the Mount of Moon, it promises imaginative literary works. Such person has not control over emotions. 
  • An extremely long and straight, and going directly to the percussion, the head lines represents highly selfish nature.
    • A Head Line curving towards the Heart Line indicates good business ability.
    • A chained Head Line belongs to highly-strung people. A fork in the head line shows the ability to see more than one point of view.
The fourth main line on the palm is called the Line of Fate or also called the Line of Saturn.The Line of fate is also known as line of destiny. It is located in the centre of the palm vertically directed towards Saturn finger. This line is believed to be tied to the person's life path, viz. schooling, career choices, successes and hurdles. It also reflects the circumstances beyond the individual's control or choices and their consequences.

Some important TIPS:
  • If the fate line rises from the line of life riches will be won by personal merit. The early portion of one’s life will be sacrificed to the wishes of parents or relatives, if this line is low down or tied down by life line.
  • A Line of Fate starting from the wrist and going straight and clear on to Saturn, it is a sign of extreme good fortune and success. 
  • A Line of Fate rising from the Mount of Moon is also considered one of the best lines and such person succeeds with the help or alliance with opposite sex or elderly opposite sexes. This is very often found in the case of celebrities. 

  • A line fate rising from the line of head, the success will be won late in life through the person’s talent just after 35 years.
  • If the line terminate by crossing its own Mount and goes to that of Jupiter, success will be great and satisfactory. 
  • When there is a break in the line, it is sure sign of hurdles and loss.
  • A double or sister fate-line denotes an excellent distinguished career. 
  • When a line rises from Moon and the other from Venus and touch Fate Line, the destiny will sway between imagination and love & passion.
  • If any branch from the line of Fate moves towards any other mounts, the qualities of that particular Mount will dominate the life.
    • The absence of a Fate line indicates a person who lacks stability. It is also found on the hands of alcoholics and drug addicts.
    • A weak fate line tends to belong to people who are unsettled and tend to change jobs frequently.
The Line of Mercury has been variously called the Line of Health or the Line of Liver. It runs from the Mount of Mercury down the hand via Mount of Mars. As the name suggests, It represents the health and well being of the person.

Some important TIPS:
  • If there is no line of Health you are probably blessed with excellent health. When it is completely absent the constitution is stronger.
  • If the Health line is more prominent the nervous system is weak. When twisted and irregular - biliousness, liver complaints and kidney trouble are seen.
  • A health line that is red in colour and heavily marked from the heart to the head, denotes danger of apoplexy, brain fever, etc.
  • A health line touching the line of life at any point represents delicate body and weak constitution.

  • A health line formed in little straight pieces denotes bad digestion and stomach related problems.
  • A health line in little islands with long filbert nails denotes trouble to lungs and chest.
    • If the line begins on the Mount of Moon or branches from the Life Line, it is a sign of good business heads.
The Line of Sun is also known as the line of success or the line of Brilliance. It runs parallel to the Fate Line but ultimately it ends at the Mount of Sun. It is not present in every hand but whenever it is present, it gives happiness and achievements.

It indicates name and fame. It increases the power of a good line of fate. It gives fame and distinction to the life. Some important TIPS
  • A Sun line Rising from the line of life, denotes that the life will revolve around the beautiful things.
  • A Sun line rising from the line of fate increases the success promised by the line of fate.
  • A Sun line rising from the Mount of Moon promises success and distinction with the help of others. 
  • A Sun line along with a sloping line of head indicates success in poetry, literature, and other imaginative creations
  • A Sun line rising from the Plain of Mars promises success after difficulty.
  • A Sun line rising from the line of head denotes that there is no caprice of other people in connection with success, the talents of the subject alone being its factor, but until the second half of the life is reached.
  • A Sun line rising from the line of heart denotes an attraction towards art and artistic things.
  • A good Fate line and Sun line parallel to one another with a straight Line of Head is a signs of the acquisition of wealth.
    • An island on Sun Line indicates a period where there is a loss of self-esteem.
    • A star on Sun Line indicates that a person will win or come into a substantial lot of money.
Many minor lines do not appear in every hand and one among them is The Girdle of Venus. It is a broken or unbroken kind of semicircle rising between the Mount of Jupiter and Saturn and ends around the little finger. It encircles both the Mount of Sun and Saturn.

Its presence indicates beauty and luck in romance. This mark denotes highly sensitive intellectual nature with changing moods and touchy over small things. It relates to good intelligence level and the ability to manipulate. Some important TIPS
  • People having Girdle of Venus on their palm are capable of rising to the highest pitch of enthusiasm, but keep on fluctuating between high and low spirits.
  • When the Girdle comes in contact with the line of marriage then the man having such Girdle would want as many virtues in a wife as there are stars in the universe.
  • People with such Girdle have intelligence above average.
  • Such people with this Girdle always get attracted towards opposite sex and are always ready to surrender hence their character can not be assessed.
  • If a Line of Heart is not on the hand, then the Girdle is considered as the Line of Heart.
The marriage line is also called the Love Line or Line of Union. It is situated on the Mount of Mercury. This line or lines come from outside of the palm on the Mount of Mercury. 
In some hands such lines are in multiple which does not mean that they will marry that many times. If there is a cross or cut on the line then the marriage or the engagement of the person would be broken. If there are few small signs on the line then the person would have illicit affairs.
From the marriage point of view, the line on the Mount of Mercury gives a very fair idea of the age at the time of marriage. Only long lines relate to marriages, the short ones to deep affection or marriage.
Some important TIPS:
  • When marriage line is closer to the line of heart, the union is early.
  • When it is near the center of the mount, then indications of marriage at about 25 to 30 years.
  • When it is three-quarters up the mount, then marriage takes place between 30 to 35 years and so on.
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